Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks

a pagan folk band with Kalinkaland Records, Germany

The new Beauty Marks album “Mo Anam Cara” (Irish for “soulmate/spiritual teacher”) is coming soon… The album is based around the ancient Celtic calendar, with a song for every pagan holiday. We are filming a music video for the song “Midsummer Witchhunt” which is proving to be quite an amazing process. (photos by Xun Chi

Here’s photos of our show at Fingerprints Records in Long Beach, CA which celebrated our album release with Kalinkaland Records in Germany!

Here are some behind the scene photos of the upcoming Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks music video where Joy was tattooed by Mike Giant. Photos by Xun Chi,

Happy Winter Solstice from Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks. May you leave behind all that is not necessary for you this season, to start again next season fresh and new!

a gorgeous piece by artist Morgan Herrin.

a gorgeous piece by artist Morgan Herrin.

Here are my tattooing adventures so far with Mike Giant. I am learning so much and enjoying it so much. I don’t know how I did not learn to tattoo sooner! I love it!

Giant Personality | Culture Magazine | Medical Cannabis Lifestyle and News Magazine

I have recently started to learn how to tattoo with Mike Giant and it all began with interviewing him for this article. I am so grateful for his generosity.